Where’s the love?

Patrick Gibbons

The latest scuttlebutt in the business world is that Rex Tillerson, CEO of ExxonMobile, was seen in tears in his office this morning.  Reportedly he was upset that no one sent him a "Thank You" card for lowering gas prices.

After months of being accused of being a greedy profiteer and harangued and harassed by politicians, he had a change of heart and with a snap of his fingers and a phone call to all his greedy oil cabal colleagues, he convinced them to lower gas prices after a popcorn, cookies and milk pajama review of "The Night Before Christmas"

Ok, so I made all that up. There is no secret collusive oil cabal keeping gas prices high, but it is true that Rex never received a thank you card for reducing gas prices.

You have to wonder what these people are thinking when they're accusing oil companies of greed when prices are high and never sending a thank you card for their presumed generosity when prices become lower.