Who is Voting in Nevada?

Who is really voting in Nevada? How much confidence do you have in the state’s voter rolls?

Clean, up-to-date voter rolls inspire confidence; out-of-date rolls undermine trust in our electoral system. Unfortunately, Nevada has made it more difficult in recent years to keep our state’s list of eligible voters clean.

Take an in-depth look at the problems associated with Nevada’s voter registration system in our exclusive report: “The Good and Bad of Nevada Voter Registration.”

Download this free report to learn:

  • How lawmakers introduced same-day voter registration and automatic registration for anyone who visits the DMV and how it’s impacted Nevada elections;
  • Why same-day and automatic registration increases the chances of fraud and errors; and
  • What the impact of same-day registration has had on harried election workers.

Voters, election workers and lawmakers will benefit from this insight into how Nevada compiles its list of people eligible to vote in upcoming elections. Download your copy today and join us in the journey to unlock the potential of efficient, timely and reliable elections in the Silver State.

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