Why does Gary Payton live in Vegas?

Victor Joecks

For our non-basketball fan readers, Gary Payton was one of the best basketball players in the ’90s and one of the greatest – if not the greatest -Sonics ever.

He’s originally from California. So why does he live in Vegas and not his home state of California? Because Nevada doesn’t have an income tax.

Gary Payton is a big fan of low taxesGary Payton and other rich individuals living in Vegas greatly benefit the local economy, because they live and spend their money in our community. This even generates greater tax revenue, because they pay sales and property taxes.

Payton isn’t unique in moving away from high-tax states. Maryland, California and New Jersey have been experiencing it for years.

Update: I can’t get the embedded video to load, so you’re going to have to go the Sun and watch the video on their site.