Will any candidates post their contributions online?

Victor Joecks

Who says there’s no bipartisanship any more? Both Mike Zahara (on the left) and Chuck Muth (on the right) are calling for candidates in Nevada to post campaign contributions online within 48 hours of receiving them.

Mike Zahara:

I’ve always been a goo-goo-a good government guy-and sure I support Rory Reid’s read on a ‘Foundation of Rust’ … ooops, I mean Trust, however, it is really lacking any semblance of teeth, is missing electronic donation reporting within 48 hours, and missing strengthening, including mandatory jail, for those who blow off ethics and campaign laws.

Chuck Muth:

Blogger Mike Zahara is on the Left. I’m on the Right. And we both agree that all campaign donations should be posted on the Internet within 48 hours. And even though there’s no law COMPELLING candidates touting ethics reform and transparency (hello, Rory Reid!) to post all of their contributions on a public website on a regular basis, there’s also nothing PREVENTING them from leading by example and doing so voluntarily. Any takers?

Will any candidates give an early Christmas gift to taxpayers and make this commitment? We’ll let you know if they do.

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