Wrapping up the Nevada Vision Stakeholder Group

Victor Joecks

The Nevada Vision Stakeholder Group held its final meeting on Friday. The NVSG’s rough draft report was prepared by Moody’s Analytics and adopted with minimal changes. (Our live blog of the meeting is here.)

NPRI has previously written about how the NVSG exists to provide political cover for politicians who want tax increases and about the numerous problems inherent in the NVSG.

Overall, I agree with Doug Busselman’s (who was also one of the Stakeholders) take on the final report.

Also to be seen is what becomes of the goals, objectives and strategies that form the framework of the project. Some, rightfully in my opinion, are suspecting the report will form the basis for the pre-determined intentions of tax increases in the upcoming Nevada Legislature.

Actually, you could probably make a case for whatever you might want to make on the basis of various components and language contained in the report. Although it doesn’t fit the model of a 5, 10 or 20-year strategic plan it does offer a window into areas and concepts that the Vision Stakeholders agreed to identify as being important for Nevada’s future.

This report could have been a lot more explicit in its calls for increased government control in the economy and in personal areas of our lives. As it is, the report definitely has some significant problems, but, as Busselman notes, its language is somewhat vague.

No doubt some leftist legislators will try to use this report to justify raising taxes or regulations, but they should keep in mind the underlying assumption of the report:

Although not specifically spelled out, the “do no harm” idea fits into the underlying foundation of the finished product.