Yes Nevada, higher education is bloated

Patrick Gibbons

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While the Las Vegas Sun reports on how la la land higher education cannot sustain any further budget cuts, Jay P. Greene’s new study on higher education administrative bloat is picked up by The Economist and Pajamas Media (PJTV).

In case you forget the study, NPRI covered Nevada’s higher education administrative bloat problems here.

A refresher:

Total spending grew by 140 percent at UNLV and by 69 percent at UNR. Adjusting for student population growth, UNLV had 59 percent more dollars per pupil in 2007 than in 1993, while UNR’s budget grew 21 percent per pupil.

Despite more resources, the universities became less productive, hiring more employees to provide an education for each student enrolled. At UNR the number of administrators per 100 students grew by 18 percent between 1993 and 2007 – twice as much as the number of instructors. At UNLV the number of administrators per 100 students grew by a staggering 90 percent, even though instructor staff was cut by 6.6 percent.