Clark County Rewards Employees Handsomely

Kevin Dietrich

Public service in Clark County can be very lucrative.

Last year, more than 50 county employees earned at least $300,000 in total compensation.

At the top of the list was outgoing County Manager Yolanda King, who earned total pay and benefits of $865,750.13, according, a Nevada Policy website that captures the salaries of all public employees in the state.

King’s earnings included $256,367 in regular pay and benefits totaling $137,442. In addition, she received other pay of $471,940. King’s earnings represented a jump of more than $355,000 from what she earned in 2021.

During King’s last decade working for Clark County, she received total compensation of nearly $4.4 million.

King retired last November and was replaced by former Deputy County Manager Kevin Schiller. Schiller was hired with a base salary of $297,000, in addition to benefits. Schiller earned total compensation of $364,149.27 in 2022, which included a base salary of $258,124 and “other pay” of $17,852.

Curtis Brown, the county’s chief public defender, took home total compensation of $511,409.66 in 2022. That included regular pay of $121,435 and other pay of $336,209.

One other county employee also earned more than half a million dollars during the year.  Rosemary Vassilladis, the county’s director of aviation, earned total pay and benefits of $501,519.48. That included regular pay of $289,577 and other pay of $79,601.

Thirty of the 51 Clark County employees who earned more than $300,000 during 2022 were involved with firefighting.

At the top of the list was Fire Engineer William Hill (total pay and benefits of $423,660.62), Fire Captain Scott Taggard ($390,097.10) and Fire Chief John Steinbeck ($362,116.17).

Hill’s pay included a base salary of $111,727, overtime pay of $124,026 and other pay of $99,688. His total benefits were worth an additional $88,277. Taggard netted $103,029 in overtime pay and $75,604 in other pay. Steinbeck, who announced this fall that he would run for a seat in the Nevada Senate, received no overtime but did get $60,889 in other pay.

The top recipient of overtime pay among Clark County employees last year was Fire Engineer Joseph Salazar, who brought in $130,007 in OT. In all, Salazar earned $356,289.04 in 2022.

Nearly 250 county employees earned pay and benefits of at least $250,000 during 2022, and more than 650 employees earned at least $200,000. The per capita income in Nevada is around $35,000 a year, and less than 7 percent of Nevada households earn $200,000 or more, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Clark County employees more than 10,000 individuals, according to the county.

Kevin Dietrich

Kevin Dietrich

Director of Mainstream Media

Kevin Dietrich joined Nevada Policy in 2022 and currently serves as the Director of Mainstream Media.

He has more than 20 years of experience in communications, including serving as the director of communications and marketing for the South Carolina Bankers Association, working as a speechwriter for South Carolina governor Mark Sanford and assisting with internal communications for CVS Caremark.

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