Nevada’s 82nd Legislative Session: Week 6

Marcos Lopez

As the crossover deadline rapidly approaches, state legislators are busy working on bills that could dramatically affect our future. Nevada Policy’s Marcos Lopez sums up the most important bills in the legislature this week.  

  • What school choice bill might not even get a hearing this session, and what misinformation the teachers’ unions are spreading about it;
  • The difference between a pro-business stance and a free market stance, and how we believe we can support business while still having a free market;
  • What prevailing wage is and why it is costing taxpayers so much money and hurting Nevada overall; and
  • Why we’re keeping an eye on a bill that has the potential to wreak havoc on our state budget.

To keep updated throughout the week on what is happening in Carson City, visit Nevada Policy’s bill tracker at


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Marcos Lopez

Marcos Lopez

Policy Fellow

Marcos Lopez serves as a Policy Fellow for Nevada Policy. For over a decade, Marcos has fought to advance free-market principles, limited government, and secure individual rights through electioneering, lobbying, and grassroots mobilization at all levels of government across nine states and Washington D.C.

Originally from Miami, Marcos moved to Nevada in 2015 and has lived in Reno and Las Vegas, where he currently resides. His main areas of focus include economic opportunity, criminal justice reform, and school choice. Marcos’ work and efforts have been recognized and featured in The New York Times, The Las Vegas Review Journal, The Nevada Independent, This is Reno, and The Nevada Current.