NPRI topples 3,610 dominoes to show margin tax destruction

The Nevada Policy Research Institute recently held a demonstration for Las Vegas media to show the devastating domino effect passage of the proposed margin tax, or Question 3, will have on the Silver State’s economy, businesses and families.

According to a recent study, passage of the margin tax will mean 3,610 Nevadans will lose their jobs, destroying their means of providing for themselves and their families. NPRI hired a professional domino toppler to spell out the message “QUESTION 3 KILLS JOBS” using 3,610 individual dominoes.

Before a crowd of reporters from television and radio stations, newspapers and online publications, NPRI President Andy Matthews delivered a simple, yet eye-opening message about the tax that is being pushed almost entirely by the state teacher union.

“These jobs — of individuals and families — are not just statistics,” he said. “These are real families who will struggle to pay rent or their mortgage, or to put food on the table. Their children could well be marked forever by the family stress resulting when their moms and dads lose their jobs.”

He went on to explain that, just as he was able to topple the domino display that was eight hours in the making with a single push, so too could voters topple the lives of thousands of hard-working Nevadans with a push of a button this November.

The domino spectacle was be created by Robert “The Domino Wizard” Speca and included special effects like the Tarzan Swing, the “Bahama Tom Inverted Cascade Slide for Life” and “Up the ladder, walk the plank.” Speca originated the category of Domino Toppling in the Guinness Book of World Records and has held the World Records five times. Twenty-four mousetraps, representing the $240 million in disposable income that would be lost if the tax passes, shot dominoes into the air for the finale.