County Commission Moves Will Hamstring Vendors

When Gov. Joe Lombardo signed legislation last year to allow street vendors to work legally the idea was to give a boost to budding entrepreneurs.

The Clark County Commission, however, sees these individuals, many of whom are immigrants, as just another means to filling its coffers. At the same time, the commission wants to make it as difficult as possible for them to succeed.

The commission earlier this month approved requiring vendors to pay a $45 application fee and an annual fee of $150, and also required them to maintain liability insurance and hold a permit with the health district.

The ordinance severely limits when, how and where vendors will be allowed to operate, as food carts will have to maintain a distance of at least 15 feet from any crosswalk or intersection, 150 feet from any licensed food establishment and a minimum of 500 feet from permitted events, schools and local parks, according to the Nevada Independent.

“Commissioners also limited what hours vendors will be allowed to operate –

forbidding any sales later than 9 p.m.,” the publication added.

Yet again we see the American Dream being strangled in the crib by government.

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