ESA update

Karen Gray

Good afternoon ESA friends,

Since I last wrote, there’s been a development in the Lopez case — the case that paused the ESA program. Late last Friday, Attorney General Adam Laxalt filed a Notice of Appeal with the Nevada Supreme Court.

The next step will be a Docketing Statement that will be filed with the Supreme Court. That statement’s purpose, among other things, is to assist the Supreme Court in identifying issues on appeal, scheduling cases for oral argument and settlement conferences, and classifying cases for expedited treatment.

After receiving the docketing statement, the Supreme Court will set a briefing schedule. Then, after the argument phase, the Court will consider the arguments, do its research, and issue an opinion.

How long will all this take?

That remains to be seen. I’ve spoken with a few lawyers and have been told it could take anywhere from a “few weeks” to “several months.” What that means in real time is unclear — because it depends on whether or not the Supremes expedite the case.

AG Laxalt — diligently working to assure parents of the genuine educational choice envisioned by lawmakers — said last week that his office “will seek an expedited ruling to ensure that thousands of Nevada families receive the clarity they need as soon as possible.”

I will be sure to keep you up to date as things progress.

ESAs continue to be attacked by the special interests fighting to keep control over your child’s education. So it’s important that your voices, and the voices of all families who want this program, need to be heard. Many parents and others in the community still don’t understand the program or what it offers them.

Opponents want nothing more than for ESA supporters to go inactive while the issues are fought in court. They want nothing more than families to become discouraged, fearful — and give up.

But we at NPRI are not giving up. Nor are we pausing. We are forging full-steam ahead — increasing awareness, advancing public policy and getting your voices heard.

Check out, for example, the story on the front page of NPRI’s Nevada Journal.

To tell more of your stories, we need your help.

There are so many more faces, futures and lives depending on ESA. So, I’m asking again, please, take a moment to put a few paragraphs — or a lot — together and share your ESA story. Email them to me.

We want to know you. We want to share with everyone the Nevadans who dearly want the opportunity that the ESAs can bring them and their children.

And, if you are up for a good school choice rally, be sure to come to Cashman Field Theatre next Tuesday, January 26, for the National School Choice Week event from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. You’ll hear from other families and children who are themselves using and benefitting from school choice.

There’s to be school performances and a special school choice week dance. Senator Hammond, sponsor of SB 302 and Grant Hewitt, chief of staff for the Nevada Treasurer are also scheduled speakers.

Stay strong!