Freedom Conservatism Looks to Build on Key American Principles

LAS VEGAS – A statement from conservatives and libertarians dedicated to key American principles that made America great is being rolled out across the nation.

Called Freedom Conservatism, it seeks to reinforce such ideals as liberty, opportunity and fiscal responsibility, and it has been signed onto by noted free market proponents, including Nevada Policy President John Tsarpalas.

The movement is based on Young Americans for Freedom, when a group of young conservatives in 1960 gathered in Sharon, Conn., at the home William F. Buckley Jr., to create the Sharon Statement, which animated the American conservative movement for decades.

“Today’s public policy challenges are different than those of 60-plus years ago,” Tsarpalas said. “The rule of law is under attack, authoritarianism is increasing and an increasing number of Americans don’t understand the importance of individual liberty.

“At this point in history, it’s critically important that these principles be reinforced,” he added.

Among the principles of Freedom Conservatism are:

  • Liberty, including economic liberty and the right to be free from the restrictions of arbitrary force;
  • Free markets, instead of the current corrosive combination of government intervention and private cronyism;
  • Fiscal sustainability, with the government existing within its means; and
  • Emphasis on the significance of the United States as a nation of laws, not of men, meaning it’s beholden to neither mob rule nor the unelected regulators who regularly abridge our constitutional rights, and that all are equal under the law.

“It is through policies that encourage free market solutions, protect individual liberties, eliminate unnecessary government restrictions and seek equality of opportunity rather than equality of outcome that we can build a better America and offer hope of freedom and prosperity to all,” Tsarpalas said.

Representatives from noted entities such as the Hoover Institution, the Heritage Foundation and Americans for Tax Reform affixed their signatures, as well, joining in the effort to emphasize the importance of Freedom Conservatism: A Statement of Principles.

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