I, Pencil: The movie

Eric Davis

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I, Pencil: The movie

Imagine a pencil. You’ve probably bought and used hundreds of them. But have you ever thought about how a pencil becomes a pencil?

It’s an amazingly complex process that involves thousands of people from around the world. People who don’t know each other. People who don’t speak the same language. People who may not even know what a pencil is. How does it happen?

Economist Leonard Read wrote a brilliant and short essay, titled I, Pencil, on this very question. It’s a great read, demonstrating the amazing things people are able to accomplish when they are free.

But now, thanks to the Competitive Enterprise Institute, I, Pencil is also a great short film. I encourage you to watch this video, but also to share it with your friends, email list or even your kids. Share it with anyone who needs to understand that free individuals are capable of accomplishing incredible things without being bossed around by government bureaucrats.

(Click above or here to view)

Know of any other short videos that cleverly explain free-market principles? Send them my way and we may feature them in the right-hand column in a future Week in Review.

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