Judge issues temporary injunction against ESAs

Karen Gray

Dear Friends,

It is with disappointment and shock that I write you this evening.

As you know, Nevada’s Education Savings Account program, the most expansive educational choice program in the country, has been facing several lawsuits. And in one of them, today, Judge James Wilson, Jr., the judge in the Lopez case filed in Carson City, issued a temporary injunction blocking the Nevada Treasurer from implementing the ESA program. In his ruling, Judge Wilson asserts that the program “violates Article 11, Section 3, Section 6.1 and Section 2 and that irreparable harm will result if an injunction is not entered.”

There is no easy way to say this, but, at least for the moment, this ruling freezes the ESA program.

A statement from Treasurer Schwartz is expected soon. I will keep you informed as details unfold.