Milton 101

Andy Matthews

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Milton 101

This past Wednesday, renowned economist Milton Friedman would have been 101 years old, and NPRI joined more than one hundred organizations around the country in celebrating Friedman’s birthday and legacy. We did so by hosting education reformer Dr. Ben Chavis for a policy luncheon, and he gave a hilarious yet enlightening talk about his experience turning a failing charter school into the most challenging high school in America, as ranked by the Washington Post.

In honor of Milton Friedman and the legacy he left, I want to share with you three of my favorite video clips of Friedman challenging liberals, and doing so in his charming and understated — but intellectually devastating — way.

Let me know which clip you like best, or if there’s a video you like even more.

Milton Friedman on greed:

Friedman exposes the “unholy coalition” behind minimum-wage laws:

Friedman sets a liberal straight on the idea of “too many millionaires”:

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Andy Matthews
NPRI President

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