Special Needs Education

The Unhappiness of CCSD Teachers

Steven Miller

Part 1: Evidence suggests teachers in Nevada’s traditional public schools may be the most-unhappy teachers in America.


Part 2: Heavy teacher absenteeism directly reduces student learning, while signaling lower teacher morale and dysfunctional school culture.


Part 3: Generally, private-school teachers have higher morale and receive more respect as professionals from principals, plus support.


Part 4: For fundamental, institutional reasons, public-school teachers face systemic obstacles and burdens that their private-school colleagues do not.



Steven Miller

Senior Vice President, Nevada Journal Managing Editor

Steven Miller is senior vice president at NPRI and has been full-time with the Institute since 1997. Steven also serves as managing editor for Nevada Journal, NPRI’s news operation, which is online at nevadajournal.com.

Steven graduated cum laude with a B.A. in Philosophy from Claremont Men’s College (now Claremont McKenna). Before joining NPRI, Steven worked as a news reporter in California and Nevada, and a political cartoonist in Nevada, Hawaii and North Carolina. For 10 years he ran a successful commercial illustration studio in New York City, then for five years worked at First Boston Credit Suisse in New York as a technical analyst. After returning to Nevada in 1991, Steven worked as an investigative reporter before joining NPRI.

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