Nevada’s ESA regulations are taking the next step!

Karen Gray

Happy Holidays!

Nevada’s ESA regulations are taking the next step!

Monday, the State Treasurer approved the regulations and sent the appropriate paperwork on to the Legislature for its approval. Those regulations did include the long-discussed under-age-7 and military-family exemptions. Now, we wait for the Legislative Commission meeting to complete the process and put the regulations into effect.

Treasurer Dan Schwartz is optimistic that lawmakers will approve the regulations before New Year’s Day, 2016 — which means parents need to be ready for the Legislative Commission meeting next week. There may only be a few days’ notice, so keep your eyes peeled.

While everyone is busy with holiday schedules and plans, if you can make time for this meeting, it could make an important difference for Nevada ESAs. Indeed, the public’s participation in the policy process is key to success on any issue. If lawmakers and others are to realize the vast public support for this program, they all need to hear your voice.

Registration is now open for Participating Entities

“Participating Entities” are the private schools, programs of distance education, Nevada colleges or universities, tutors and tutoring firms, etc., that will be accepting ESA money. The registration process for them is now open!

To get started, they should visit and click on the Entity Enrollment link.

Setting up of parents’ accounts

In the next few weeks parents will be contacted by the Treasurer’s office to set up their accounts. At that time, you will be able to choose your funding date and select the participating entity(s) (registered schools, tutors, etc.) that your child will utilize.

Parents will also be asked to register as participating entities. This is required in order for parents to be reimbursed for their later educational expenses — and whether their children will be educated at home or not.

More acceptances going out

Finally, acceptance notices are going out this week for families who’ve applied for an ESA for a child over the age of 7! And if you have not heard from the Treasurer’s office by January 4th, says Treasurer Schwartz, please send an email to so staff can check your application status. Remember, too, that to expedite a reply, parents will need to provide the application ID in every communication with the office.

Remember, wait until January 4th to contact the office if you have not received a notice and your child is over age 7.

I will keep you informed on the Legislative Commission meeting date and time. Until that time, enjoy the holidays!

Warmest wishes to you and your families.