Nevadans Oppose Recent Changes to State Voting Procedures

Nevadans believe recent changes to state law regarding elections aren’t in the best interest of the state, according to a poll released by the Nevada Policy Research Institute.

More than three of every four Nevadans support requiring photo IDs for both in-person and mail-in balloting, compared with 10 percent who oppose it.

Nearly twice as many individuals, 52 percent to 27 percent, oppose allowing someone other than the person casting a ballot to return it, a process known as “ballot harvesting.”

Also, some 53 percent favor requiring that all ballots be counted within a day of the election, versus 34 percent who oppose the idea.

The first two were among changes codified into law last year in Nevada with the passage of Assembly Bill 121. AB 121 ensures most residents can cast a ballot without having to provide identification and permits individuals to collect and turn in mail ballots on behalf of other voters. The law also guarantees all active, registered voters will receive an unsolicited ballot in the mail.

“We believe everyone should have an opportunity to vote, but this change opens to the door to allowing bad actors to manipulate elections in our state,” Nevada Policy President John Tsarpalas said. “Election integrity is critical to the well-being of representative government, and once you lose the perception of honest and fair elections, it’s very hard to regain that trust.

“Nevadans have a right to believe that every election will be safe and secure, and that every vote cast, including theirs, will be counted,” Tsarpalas added.

Poll of Nevada residents was conducted by OH Predictive Insights between February 24 and March 7, 2022, with a MoE of ± 4.0%.

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