TransparentNevada Lowlights List for Northern Nevada

1.  Three Washoe County Sheriff Deputies made more in overtime than in base pay in 2013.

2. Nine of Nevada’s highest paid 10 employees in 2013 were in Reno. This includes two UNR School of Medicine employees who each made over $1 million in 2013.

3. The Sparks city manager made $267,057.56, while the Reno city manager made $266,996.61.

4. The Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority President made $521,674.92. The Chief Operating Officer made $316,301.71.

5. Washoe County School District Superintendent was the highest paid superintendent in Nevada. Pedro Martinez made $358,190.52, while Pat Skorkowsky, the Clark County School District’s mid-year replacement for Dwight Jones, took home $327,312.94.

6. The legislative counsel for the Legislative Counsel Bureau made $243,236.03, including $83,951.67 in overtime. In all, LCB employees took home over $3.9 million in overtime in 2013.

7. 2,022 employees earned more than Gov. Sandoval’s $183,120.30 compensation package.

8. The President of the Reno/Sparks Convention and Visitor’s Authority made $343,899.67.

9. Carson City’s 11 highest paid employees, including the only six who made over $200,000, are firefighters.

10. The State of Nevada continues to defy Nevada’s Public Records Act by not releasing the names of 3,282 employees including game wardens, correctional officers, and agricultural enforcement officers.

11. Sparks has 87 fire department employees and spent $1.22 million in overtime, while Reno has 264 fire department employees and spent $1.73 million in overtime.

12. Five Reno police lieutenants took home more than $250,000 each in 2013.

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