TransparentNevada Lowlights List for Southern Nevada

1. The average compensation of North Las Vegas’ 500 highest earners increased by $5,040.86 per employee for a total increase of $2.52 million.

2. The number of Clark County School District employees taking home over $200,000 went from just two in 2012 to five in 2013.

3. Even though the Clark County fire department’s OT spending fell by over $1.5 million, or $2,087 per employee, the average compensation for Clark County fire department employees increased by $2,555.

4. The State of Nevada continues to defy Nevada’s Public Records Act by not releasing the names of 3,282 employees including game wardens, correctional officers and agricultural enforcement officers.

5. North Las Vegas’ Director of Library made $427,487.15 in 2013. A deputy fire chief in Henderson made $500,560.95.

6. Two assistant sheriffs with Las Vegas Metro made $512,469.92 and $467,529.63.

7. Rossi Ralenkotter, president of LVCVA and its 493 employees, made $457,402.92. That’s more than the city managers of Las Vegas ($306,879.72), North Las Vegas ($306,746.26),  and Henderson ($299,223.68).  Each of those city managers made over $100,000 more than Gov. Sandoval.

8. Executive Assistant at Southern Nevada Water Authority made $136,734.48.

9. 2,022 employees earned more than Gov. Sandoval’s $183,120.29 compensation package.

10. Clark County, the Regional Transportation Commission and Las Vegas each have custodians earning over $80,000 a year.

11. Las Vegas has four cultural supervisors who made over $100,000 in total in 2013.

12. Las Vegas Metro compensation continues to grow. In 2012, 888 made over $150,000. That grew to 976 in 2013.

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