Quelling Voting Machine-Integrity Concerns Possible

With a national election just months away, election integrity is a looming issue. A key aspect of that focus in on voting machines.

Equipment reliability can’t be ignored if the goal is increasing voter confidence. Fortunately, as The Federalist notes, “there are a variety of practical ways machine skepticism can and should be addressed.”

Distrust over voting machines tends to be a bipartisan issue, with both parties raising concerns at different times. One election cycle it’s Republicans who are sounding the alarm; the next it’s Democrats. This is an issue that has come up repeatedly in Nevada.

While solutions to these fears do exist, it’s not the party bigwigs who hold the key to resolving the issue, but local grassroots groups, who possess a surprising level of influence.

Read more here: https://thefederalist.com/2024/05/09/how-grassroots-groups-can-increase-voter-confidence-in-an-age-of-glitchy-machines/