Results of 2022 Nevada School Board Elections

Below are the results of 2022 Nevada school board elections, minus Clark and Washoe counties.

Carson City

  • Maria Lupe Ramirez retained her seat against Jason Stinson in District 1.
  • Molly Walt beat Shanna Cobb-Adams in District 6.

Churchill County

  • Amber Casey-Getto and Matt Hyde retained their seats, and Joe McFadden and Julie Guerrero-Goetsch were also victorious.

Douglas County

  • Susan Jansen beat incumbent Robbe Lehmann in District 2.
  • Katherine Dickerson beat incumbent Heather Jackson in District 6.
  • David Burns beat Roberta Butterfield in District 7.

Elko County

  • Susan Neal retained her seat against Misty Atkins in District 1.
  • Joshua Byers retained his seat against Robert Leonhardt in District 2
  • Matt McCarty retained his seat against Lincoln Litchfield in District 3.
  • Incumbent Jeff Durham defeated Brian Gale in District 6.
  • Brooke Williams Ballard beat Brent Kelly in District 7.

Humboldt County

  • Ron Moser beat Patrice Stewart in Seat B.
  • Lori Woodland beat Robert Johnson in Seat E.

Lander County

  • Tony Warwood beat Colt Nelson in Area One 2Y.
  • Manuel Villanueva retained his seat for Area One 4Y.
  • James Holland defeated incumbent Douglas Staton III in Area Three.
  • Sondra Torgerson beat Wayne Nebeker in Area Four.

Lincoln County

  • Andy Free beat incumbent Carol Hansen in District B.
  • Ann Smith retained her seat against Mary Jo Shearer in District D.

Lyon County

  • Tom Hendrix beat incumbent Barbara Jones in District 4.
  • Mike Hogan retained his seat against Neal Ernest McIntyre II in District 7,

Mineral County

  • Kristin Reeves defeated Stephanie Flow.

Nye County

  • Roger Morones retained his seat against Lavey Kindred in Area I.
  • Chelsy Fischer beat incumbent Sean Hastings for Area V.
  • Nathan Gent defeated Amy Veloz for Area VII.

Storey County

  • Desiree Sealy retained her seat against David Yenne for Seat 2-B.

All candidates in Esmeralda, Eureka, Pershing and White Pine counties ran unopposed.