Solutions 2023 Offers Answers to Issues Facing Nevada

Kevin Dietrich

With the beginning of the 2023 Legislative Session just weeks away, Nevada Policy has released its biennial publication designed to help lawmakers tackle difficult issues facing the state.

Solutions 2023: A Sourcebook for Nevada Policymakers isn’t just for elected officials, though. The 128-page publication looks closely at 14 different areas in need of reform, identifies ways to bring needed change and details the path for a better future for all Nevadans.

Nevada Policy has sent a copy of Solutions 2023 to all state assembly members and state senators.

“With the Silver State’s new and returning lawmakers preparing to gather in Carson City in early February, there are critical issues to be tackled if Nevada is going to move forward and provide all its residents with the best opportunity to live free and prosperous lives,” Nevada Policy President John Tsarpalas said.

Solutions 2023 identifies issues holding the state back, such as poorly performing schools, the importance of state’s separation of powers law and how onerous occupational licensing regulations drive up costs for consumers.

Nevada Policy gives lawmakers a way to resolve issues voluntarily, rather than through coercive methods which swell government, force the hiring of more dedicated staff and raise taxes to pay for expansion.

“There are many problems, but there are also many solutions,” Tsarpalas said. “We recognize that limiting government is, in and of itself, often a step toward solving problems. Less government intervention almost always works better in the long run.”


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Kevin Dietrich

Kevin Dietrich

Director of Mainstream Media

Kevin Dietrich joined Nevada Policy in 2022 and currently serves as the Director of Mainstream Media.

He has more than 20 years of experience in communications, including serving as the director of communications and marketing for the South Carolina Bankers Association, working as a speechwriter for South Carolina governor Mark Sanford and assisting with internal communications for CVS Caremark.

Kevin graduated from the University of Maine with a degree in Journalism and a minor in History. A fifth-generation Californian, he spent a decade as a journalist, working for newspapers in Florida, New York, New Hampshire and South Carolina.