The faces of ESAs

Karen Gray

Hello friends,

The last time I wrote you, I asked you to send me your stories of what Nevada’s new Education Savings Accounts program means for you and your family.

I’ve heard from many of you. You’ve shared the stories of children long struggling in one-size-fits all classrooms that couldn’t possibly meet their unique needs; of kids who are high-performers, but due to lack of finances, have been unable to attend a school where they’re fully challenged; and from parents hoping their child will be the first college graduate in their family, if only he or she gets the chance to move out of a failing school into one that is exceptional.

We’re still looking for stories, so if you haven’t yet shared your account of how an Education Savings Account will help your child or your family, please reach out to me, by email or by phone, 702-222-0642. The personal stories are especially important as the State of Nevada, Nevada Policy Research Institute and other groups work to protect this program and ensure it is available for the children who so desperately need options.

As you’ve likely heard by now, two lawsuits threaten the future of this program. While the Treasurer’s office is still accepting applications and the program is on solid Constitutional ground, the powers at be, the media and the citizens of Nevada need to hear just who is being hurt by these baseless attacks: the children.

Fortunately, the Institute for Justice has come forward to help defend Nevada ESAs and, over the weekend, released a short video that provides a glimpse of the innocent children and families that will be hurt if opponents of school choice have their way. I encourage you to take a look at the video, then email me your story. As I mentioned before, it can be a short email or a more detailed one, but please put “ESA Story” in the subject line.

In the months going forward, NPRI will be sharing these stories as we work to preserve this important program. And I will keep you updated on everything you need to know to ensure your child has the brightest future possible.