Episode 35: What is your government actually spending its money on?

Michael Schaus

Free to Offend Episode 35 | Guest: Todd Maddison, Transparent California

As the economy continues to climb out of the hole dug by state leaders during the pandemic, brace yourself for ever-increasing calls for higher taxes and more government spending.

Of course, unlike the private sector, government never really suffered a massive drop in revenue—not to mention state and local governments are receiving billions of dollars from the federal government. Nonetheless, the ever-present demand for “more money” will likely increase from state and local agencies.

Which is why it is so important to know how, exactly, that money is spent.

Todd Maddison, director of research for Transparent California, joins the show to talk about why Nevada Policy’s transparency projects—TransparentCalifornia.com and TransparentNevada.com—are such important tools for keeping government spending in check.

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