NPRI sends mailers to over 9,000 teachers notifying them of their opt-out rights

LAS VEGAS — In its ongoing commitment to notify Nevada teachers of their right to drop teacher union membership from July 1 to July 15, the Nevada Policy Research Institute sent out over 9,000 paper mailers over the weekend, reaching Clark County educators directly.

The mailers alert Clark County teachers of their right to leave the Clark County Education Association by informing the union, in writing and during the first two weeks of July, of their decision to leave. Reasons teachers commonly cite for leaving the union were also included.

The direct mailing is the latest in NPRI’s efforts to empower teachers by letting them know about their ability to opt out of union membership. In June, the Institute launched a billboard campaign in southern Las Vegas, including electronic and stationary messaging aimed at reaching teachers while on the road. Last week, NPRI also revealed that the Clark County School District was censoring teachers’ emails by blocking NPRI’s electronic communications efforts.

NPRI Executive Vice President Victor Joecks issued the following statement about the mailers.

By their words and their actions, teachers have made it clear that they want to know about their ability to opt out of union membership. The Nevada Policy Research Institute is pleased to continue our work empowering teachers by letting them know about the limited window they have to opt out.

In just the last two years over 1,200 teachers in Clark County and over 1,450 throughout the state have decided to leave the teachers union after learning they could leave. While CCSD tries to keep teachers in the dark through its censorship, and while the union makes it as inconvenient as possible to leave the union, we believe teachers should be able to make the decision about union membership that’s best for them.

These mail pieces are yet another means through which teachers can learn how to exit the CCEA and also why so many other teachers have already done so.

For teachers who do choose to leave the union, NPRI has provided them with pre-written opt-out letters, which can be found here.

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